The Frizzy Hair Blowout Process; Transform Your Hair to a Gorgeous Smooth Looks

Frizzy hair can be hard to live with as it is never sleek, silky, not curved or wavy and this type of hair is not adorable. It is important to develop a good handling procedure to achieve a desirable look.

For this type of hair, it is important to know and learn on how to model it on a daily basis. This never means abandoning the natural hair, but improving the natural hair to a better appeal. Here are some crucial tips on how the perfect blowout can be achieved.

Examine Your Management Regime

Investigate on what works best for your type of hair.  You may research on different routines such how the morning shower affects your hair versus the late night shower. You may also investigate the conditioners that work best for your hair.


It is important to start with dry hair. Dryer hair brings out a better appearance and blowing it while dry is much less damaging to the hair. Working with wet hair requires much more heat than when dry hair is used. Hair should never be blown dried when it is soaking wet.

The buildup of product on the hair can have an equally damaging effect. In this case, use of a clarifying shampoo is recommended before the blowout and when the situation is too bad, one can consider some level of haircuts.


Frizzy hair always requires some level of moisturizing. When the hydration is never done well, the hair absorbs moisture even from the atmosphere. This gives poor hair appearance. Experiment with the long term and short term hair relaxers to find out the best ones for your hair.

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Hydrating Hair with the Recommended Products

Using the recommended products for hydrating your hair has a miraculous effect on your hair. A good moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and hair care products made for this purpose always gives great results. It is recommended to use the salon grade products, rather than those containing a high level of alcohol, which will dry out the hair even faster.

Other Ideas to Tame Frizzy Hair

Some other important tips for maintaining the frizzy hair include;


Creating sections that will make the hair manageable is important .Though this may seem too much, it is the best way to ensure a good job is done. The results are great and appealing when the blowout is done one section at a time. Using this procedure, the heat from the nozzle is evenly distributed giving the desired smooth and silky finish.

Using the Correct Nozzle

The hot air outlet should ensure proper air concentration for the ultimate blowout to be achieved.

Using the Correct Brush

The type of brush used in the hair brazilian blowout can affect the final appearance of the hair. The large and round ceramic brush is the most preferable for a great blowout.

Working Upwards Approach

It is always recommended to start from bottom, moving upwards with the drier. This method allows you get a much smoother and straight blowout.