Hair Styling, Hair Extensions, Color Correction Make up and Styles Give You the New Fresh Look

The hair style and make up has a great effect on how you look. Hair style can make you look completely different than the person you were in the previous style. Some of the changes that can be brought by the style include;

  • It can make you look older of younger
  • It enhances your beauty

In the lives of celebrities they always commence their roles by designing their hair styles. The hair style done changes the proportion of your head where it can make your face look rounder, bigger or create a longer face. Your hair frames your face. Creative stylists’ know how to bring out the best facial features while concealing the unwanted details.  

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Hair Styling Changes Your Looks

In real life, most people have a look and style that is associated with them. Beauticians recommend occasionally stepping out of the comfort zone of your hair by trying out something new. Some suggestions include;

  • Using additions like flowers and ribbons for a change
  • Occasionally parting your hair
  • Doing a faux bob, which involves reducing the length of your hair,
  • Adopting a classic short hair style which is timeless in value

While these are temporary applications you may also wish to adopt more permanent design without damaging your hair. These include;

The Ombre Hair Extensions

The ombre hair extensions is a great way to achieve the beautiful and sun kissed look that is desired by every girl. For a good transition, it is recommended to take up a dramatic or a subtle transition for an instant change.  

Color Correction

This is a delicate process involving altering the hair color or hue to achieve a desired look. There are generally two types of color correction. One involves making dark color to become lighter and the other is making lighter color become darker. Color correction is a complex process that can be conducted in a single day or a process going into weeks.  Professionalism is very important here, as lack of attention may damage the hair or bring undesired results.

Hair Straightening and Smoothing (the Brazilian Blowout)

Hair Straightening and Smoothing is a transformative hair styling design that easily brings out a “new you”.  It involves the use of a special keratin formula that originated in Brazil. This product bonds to the hair creating a protective layer around the strands. This way there is reduced frizziness of the hair; cuticles are well sealed and it also protects the hair from external damage.  It also results in very nice glossy shine that will give you a completely new look.


These are creative ways of changing the hair color using a lightener, or specially designed hair color. It is also a good way to achieve great transformation. Highlights can be done in four ways, which are the foil highlights, painting, frosting, and chunking.  

Hair Thickening Styles

Thickening is also among the great ways for a personal changeover to happen. It increases the hair volume. There are a variety of natural and artificial products that will help add the volume of hair. A good hair thickening treatment from professional stylists will do the trick.