Hair Extension Trends Among Hollywood Celebrities

You want to change the way you look. In that case, you can experiment with a hair extension. The extensions available are of different kinds. You can have the extension sewn in, clipped, braided or bonded. Remember, you are not alone. The Hollywood celebrities also are no exception, either. It is all but natural for the rappers, movie stars, film personas to try out different kinds of hairdos. The purpose is to jazz up the style quotients and suit the needs of the occasion. You can take the inspiration from the following list for it reveals the hair extension trends and statement of the hot Hollywood celebrities.

Kim Kadarshian’s fast change over

You might have seen her enact various roles. But have you noticed how quickly she changes over from the platinum colored blond lobs to those that look dark and luscious?  Well, if you have the extensions under your belt, everything is possible. The sexy siren uses the measure to strike different poses and postures.

The look enhancement of Solange Knowles

The model cum actress is also a versatile singer. She is known for her spontaneity, but in spite, of that you will find her resorting to look enhancement. It is a fact, that with a different hairdo, you can change your look wise orientation. The actress is often seen using textured pieces of extension to add to the fluff of her hair.

Stefani strikes a perfect pose

People adore the song writer cum fashion designer for her platinum mane. What is astonishing is the way she manages the mane, which remains put on the place, and gives her the neat look of perfection. But then, you should know the secret behind the proposition. She clips in the extensions to arouse that special oomph of perfection.

Stylish orientations of Beyonce

People remember the diva for her mind blowing performance in The Pink Panther. She may be performing on the stage, or enacting a role in the movie, at no time, you can overlook her golden locks. As a spectator, you may wonder as to what makes the locks look flawlessly golden. At times, they are long, and occasionally they are short, but it is the flawlessness that attracts your attention. The answer is not too hard to find. The Hollywood star uses hair extensions to come up with different statements, but she ensures that the extension is immaculately clipped in.

Jennifer Lopez’s unique innovation

The dazzling diva tries out many a trick with her hair. Strange, as it may appear, sometimes you will find her hair lacking in volume, but at times, it is gorgeously voluminous. That’s because the variedly talented actress and performer is not shy to experiment. She makes innovative use of extensions not only to vary the length but to add to its volume, as well.

Usage of hair extension breaks gender barrier. That’s because male celebrities are also found using wigs and extensions to make up for the receding hairline. Now that you know the styles and trends of the so-called celebrities, you will feel twice more charged up than before, in using extensions.