Hair and Skin Care Products can make You Beautiful!!!

Spotless, unblemished skin and luscious, lustrous hair are a woman’s pride. She takes care to maintain her radiating skin and healthy silky hair using high quality beauty products. Hair is one of our pride physically, it's one if the most important accessories on our body ...depending on what persona you want to project, it plays an important role. Changing colors and haircuts radically transform our appearance.

How you look is how you feel. Everything starts within ourselves. If you take care of yourself and love yourself, then it's easy to take care of someone else. Positive thinking, what we have in our mind and we are seeing everyday becomes our reality. So looking good and feeling good everyday will lead to everything around you following.

Searching for the right product is our struggle. Textures, density in hair are the bases of choosing the right hair care products. The look you want to achieve are the key factor as well. Whether you want silky smooth hair, shiny hair with volume, or added fullness and thickness, one must use proper hair care to achieve it. To improve dryness, integrity, appearance of your hair, and healthy balance of the hair through processing, we recommend as professionals to use the right product. Every dollar will be well spent... after all, it's an investment in YOU.

Clear Your Acne Completely

Acne, which is caused due to stress and hormonal changes, requires the perfect blend of effective treatments. There is a step by step clearing process. It begins with a proper facial cleaning, including extractions, followed with a take-home exfoliating wash, breakout control lotion, and zinc and sulfur oxide. The next phase includes products which clear clogged pores, removes bacteria, reduces excess oil, diminishes redness and stops new acne from forming. The next steps include clearing of acne with papules, pustules, and infections. Acne control masks have sulfur which ideally heals your acne at night.

Thicken, Volumize Lengthen your hair!!!

Hair Extensions and Volumizers are solutions for women with thin and fine hair. It offers a natural appearance chemical free solution to thinning hair which increases volume, fullness and thickness of your hair. Hair Extensions and Volumizers offer a wide range of colors and textures to choose from.

These hair lengthening and volumizing solutions are a sigh of relief to women who have lost half of their hair through hair fallout caused by stress or medical issues. With ventilated soft flexible and comfortable mesh base the volumizers appear non artificial when worn. It's light weight makes it a comfortable to wear. Hair extensions are installed in so many ways; hot or cold fusion, or sewn in depending on the texture and density of the hair. Hair extensions and volumizers are available in different textures, thick curls, straight, silky smooth and wavy. Hair extensions usually have a minimum of 28 colors to choose from. Professionals installation is required for women who opt for hair extensions and volumizers with beautiful results.

Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products

There is an assortment of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to choose from. We carry AQUAGE, BIOMEGA and ENJOY HAIR CARE. In terms of skincare, we carry PCA (Physician's Care Alliance) and MEDITOUCH.

There are shampoos that increase the volume dramatically, which moisten your hair while adding a delicate texture to your hair. Priming is now even easier with the availability of dry shampoos and smoothing shampoos. We also carry luxury, conditioning shampoos developed for dry, brittle hair. Curl defining creams are used for women who love their to enhance their locks. Detanglers, sprays, and gels help to keep your hair in shape throughout the day. Paraben free and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners help manage and rejuvenate your hair, gently cleansing the harmful chemicals and the extra oil from your scalp while maintaining pH balance in the hair strands.