Different Types & Needs of Hair Extensions

If you're caught up in a battle with boring, lifeless hair, it's time to put down the damaging hair curler and step away from using dye and accept the change of hair extension for better results.

Hair extension is also known as artificial hair integration.

Which add length, increases volume, to your hair by clipped on other hairs. It looks natural and healthy. We invest lots of money over branded clothes and accessories but we don’t invest much in hair that we wore daily. These hair extensions are made up of human and synthetic hair which are available in different styles, colors, shapes. The hair extensions are available in different variants and all variants have different methods to apply. Before you begin for hair extensions consult doctor or any hair expert. Who can give advice to apply which type of extensions is good for your hair? The process of applying hair extensions consume time between two to seven hours which depend on which extension to apply on your hairs and what type of look you want. You can face some issue after applying extension i.e. hair loss and damage hairs. It’s easy to put on extensions but hard to take care of it. They require more care and maintenance compare to natural hairs. Hair extensions are available for both men and women in different color, shades and styles to choose which one is perfect for your hairs. There are different techniques and types of hair extensions.

Types of Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions: Easy to use, quick implement, and not for daily use.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions: Consume more time than usual, costly, Hairs get thin and damaged.

Fusion Hair Extensions: It takes long time to apply, knots up easily, hard to manage and damaging hair.

Skin Weft Hair Extensions: It’s having low weight, invisible and look unique.

Sew-in Hair Extensions: You don’t wash them and twist cause damage to hair, not get a desired look.

Tape-in Hair Extensions: Low cost, easy to maintain, reusable, quick implementation, comfortable with no damages to hairs.

Human hair extensions are most preferable compare to synthetic hairs. They are costly. After applying extensions you have to take care more than usual. Otherwise its huge risk of damaging not only extensions but your natural hair may suffer. New implement extensions need more care. It can last up to six months if properly cared.

Hair extensions are used to add length and thickness. Its look healthy and long hairs. If extensions are not implement in correct manner than it could cause hair loss due to breakage and not good for natural hairs.it pulls natural hairs?

Hair extensions gives you an entire unique look. You can apply it in different styles you desire. Extensions are available in different shades and contrast colors. Human hair extension are most like by people. Its look like original hairs and undetectable.it costs more than synthetic hairs. Most important thing is to take care of your hair extension and maintain them properly. Always consult a doctor or hair expert before applying extensions and take care for long last.