Our established Salon is continuously looking to add talent to our Team. We are looking for excellence, and someone with a servant's heart, putting their craft, service and our clients first. Our Team members are proficient in all Salon services, mature, skilled communicators, demonstrate true compassion, and of course, look and present themselves professionally at all times.

That being said, we are currently seeking a Stylists with an artistic flare, who is technically proficient (one year experience),aspires to develop national industry level skills, open to challenging themselves “to be the best you can be,” a Team player, able to follow instructions and open to embracing theBENJAMIN HAIR & CO. standard of Customer Service.

All Stylists at BENJAMIN HAIR & CO., are on a payroll, meaning hourly pay, and work a full-time schedule. Because we are dedicated to serving our clients’ needs and accommodate their busy calendars, Stylists are expected to work weekends. Team members are also expected to work overtime, when scheduling or Salon business needs require us to extend our operational hours to meet our growing customer base service needs. Additionally, our Team members are expected to wear a Salon approved dress-coat on the service floor, at all times. As part of our Team interview process, we expect all potential Team candidates to prepare and provide a brief demonstration of theircraft skills, at the Salon.

If you are a proficient Stylist, possess an artist’s heart and imagination, interested in becoming a member of an Industry recognized Team, working in a Family owned business, perfecting your craft “to be the best you can be,” then call today and interview with the Team at: (210) 349-5215.