Aspects to Be Considered for a Good Hairstyle

Hair makes a huge difference. It is a fact that we all have agreed and accepted in this course of time. Today we live in a society where looking good and getting ready an apt manner is very important in our lives. It is very essential to get the hairstyle to suit your lifestyle and personality. So, when we are looking for a new cut hair features, textures and the shape of the face are some of the predominant factors to be considered. We may desiderate for a short hair like our friend’s or long and wavy ones like our closed ones but before that we should have a clear idea of what will complement our face. Whether it is curly, straight, short, thin or thick there is a hairdo for all types.

Step 1: figure out your face shape to choose the right hair length: Knowing the face shape will contribute to a better decision making in choosing the right cut. The hairstyle should be in such a way that it should soften all the flaws if any.

  • Determine if face is round: Round faces have smooth curves and round chin. The forehead is a bit broader than the cheekbones. If this is the shape then long hair that will drop below your chin, edgy layered, fringed bangs or any other layer will work.

An exaggerated long and thick mane with curls or waves will flatter ones features.
Avoid blunt and classic bob cuts.

  • Determine if face is square: Square faces have wide forehead, cheekbones and an angular jawline. Long graduated, asymmetrical and textured layers beginning at the jawline and bangs that will graze through the face are those cuts that will give you a flattering effect.

Curls and sleek ponytails will help you boast a great jawline.
Stay clear of blunt cuts for it may downplay on edgy lines.

  • Determine if face is oval: oval shape is a more elongated version of round. You are lucky to hold an oval shape face as it can pull any kind of haircut. One have the option to highlight the best feature of their face here whether a bone structure or gorgeous eyes one can flaunt a blunt, side swept or an angular bob cut that will complement ones chin and eyes.

  • Determine if face is heart shaped: faces primarily defined by a wide forehead and narrow chin. Cuts like short fast cut, side swept or bangs that graze past your brows will be a good choice. Voluminous updos will grab more points.

Step 2: consider the hair texture: Hair has a variety of textures from frizzy to silky and thin to voluminous ones. Whatever the cut it should enhance and support your look.

  • If the hair texture is thin: Thin and silky is one of the common hair problems. It is very important to choose the right cut that will provide volume but will not take away the silkiness. Voluminous layers or short length hitting on shoulders can play good. Long and blunt style can be a bad idea.

  • If the hair texture is thick: Frizz comes with curly and coarse textured hair. Keeping a long mane with layers or any other cuts starting from the chin or below will put up to your beautiful curls. Opting for a short hairdo is not a good option for you would end up looking like a bush.

  • If the hair texture is medium thick: If the hair is of medium thickness, you are free to play around keeping your facial shape in mind.